Intercultural Lunchbreak

Meet people and speak German – bring a lunch with.
No cost with free coffee, tea and cookies.

(contact us for the current schedule)

A Night Out

In the café / pub „Teehaus“ Friedrichstraße 14, next to the school.

Evening off!! - Meeting nice people in a relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to speak German.

(contact us for the current schedule or see first page of our website)

One of our speakers: Brigitte Addington, certified wild herb expert

Lectures and Mini-Seminars

„Get informed and learn german“

Qualified instuctors present select topics: Wellness, Health, Psychology and Living, Herbal Medicine, Relaxation and Meditation, Regional Studies.

Every presentation is specially made as a German Learning Program.

(contact us for the current schedule)

German Companies and Institutions from within

Once per year, normally on a wednesday, there is a opportunity to visit a company in Oberfranken and see first hand how various German companies and industries function.

A german language specialist is always available to explain new words and colloquial sayings.